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New in 2020-2021

Miranda v. Arizona

Civil Rights/ Federal Courts: Juidice v. Vail

Constitutional Law: McCulloch v. Maryland

​​Amos N. Guiora and Louisa M.A. Heiny , 2020 (Deep Dive)
​Jane Bloom Grise and Michelle C. Grise, 2020 (Deep Dive)
​​Michael P. Malloy, 2020 (Deep Dive)

Immigration: Jean v. Nelson

Pursuing Justice

Pioneers in Environmental Law

​​ Russell F. Canan, 2020
​​Jan G. Laitos and John C. Nagle, 2020 (Pioneers & Leaders in Law)n 
​Irwin Stotzky, 2020 (Deep Dive)

The Steel Seizure Case (Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer)

The Chevron Case (Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.)

Evidence: Crawford v. Washington

Jay Tidmarsh, 2021(Deep Dive)
​​Samuel Estreicher and  Steven Menashi, 2022(Deep Dive)
​​Kristin Hickman and Samuel Estreicher, 2022 (Deep Dive)

Patents: J.M. Smucker v. Albie’s

​Women's Lives in Men's Courts: Briefs for Change​

​Thomas C. Folsom, 2022 (Deep Dive)
Catharine MacKinnon, 2022 (Briefs for Change)
New Lines in Development
General Trade​​
Lawyering Series: Compelling biographies of leading individuals in law, covering the life, work, writing and cases of attorneys, judges, champions of the rule of law.
  • Judge Thelton Henderson: Breaking New Ground, by Richard B. Kuhns
  • Earl Warren, Ernesto Miranda and Terrorism, by Amos N. Guiora 
  • John Marshall and the Cases that United the States of America, by Ronald Rotunda
  • A Jack Greenberg Lexicon, by William Cole
  • Written in Water, A Biography of Frederick Bernays Wiener, by Paul R. Baier
  • With Passion, An Activist Lawyer's Life, by Michael Meltsner
  • Squeezing Silver, The Trial of Nelson Bunker Hunt, by Mark A. Cymrot
  • Written in Water, Biography of Frederick Bernays Wiener, by Paul R. Baier

Pioneers & Leaders in Law: General Editor and contributors offer a survey of the 10 to15 most influential attorneys in the field, their background, historical and lasting impact in law, and influence today. 
  • Pioneers in Environmental Law, by Jan Laitos, John C. Nagle

Briefs for Change: The story behind the brief, case, trial, offering a glimpse into the craft of litigation and the profound legal impact.
  • Women's Lives in Men's Courts: Briefs for Change, by Catharine MacKinnon

Legal History: Compelling, accessible publications capturing the legal history that shaped our nation.
  • Sustainers, The Citizens of the United States, by William T. Mayton
  • The Scopes Trial (The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, by William T. Mayton

Legal Education

Deep Dives (into Practice):  As a primary teaching tool or companion to the traditional casebook, these 125 to 300 page documentary and case studies tell the story and teach the life cycle of a teaching case, patent or transaction using a narrative of the case along with the actual edited transactional documents, patents or briefs, pleadings, motions, providing students a "learn by viewing" context, its procedural and strategic components within a pedagogy that extends to the  practice of law, the first step into experiential learning. 
  • Evidence: Crawford v. Washington, by Jay Tidmarsh
  • First Amendment: New York Times Company v. Sullivan,by Eric Easton
  • Immigration: Jean v. Nelson , by Irwin P. Stotzky
  • Patents: J.M. Smucker v. Albie’s, by Thomas C. Folsom
  • Federal Courts/Civil Rights: Juidice v. Vail, by Jane Bloom Grise and Michelle C. Grise
  • Constitutional Law: Steel Seizure Case (Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer), by Samuel Estreicher and Steven Menashi
  • Administrative Law: Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., by Kristin Hickman and Samuel Estreicher
  • Criminal Procedure: Miranda v. United States, by Amos N. Guiroa and Louisa M.A. Heiny
  • Securties: Securities Exchange Commission v. Mark Cuban, by Marc I. Steinberg

Law School To Practice: Affordable texts enabling professors to integrate bridge into practice sources preparing students as they transition from students to lawyers.  
  • Litigation in Practice, by Curtis  E. A. Karnow
  • Prosecution Stories, by Bennett Gershman
  • Defense Lawyer Confidential, by Alexander Y. Benikov