Upcoming Titles

Abridged Beveridge's Life of John Marshall

Earl Warren, Ernesto Miranda and Terrorism

First Amendment: New York Times Company v. Sullivan

​​Eric Easton, 2018 (Deep Dive)
​​Ronald D. Rotunda, 2017 (General Trade)
Amos N. Guiora, 2017 (Lawyering Series)

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New in 2018

Defense Lawyer Confidential (So You Want to Be a Defense Lawyer)

Squeezing Silver, The Trial of Nelson Bunker Hunt

Constitutional Law: McCulloch v. Maryland

Mark A. Cymrot
​​Michael P. Malloy, 2019 (Deep Dive)
​​Alexander Y. Benikov, 2018

Civil Rights/ Federal Courts: Juidice v. Vail

Patents: J.M. Smucker v. Albie’s

Miranda v. Arizona

​Thomas C. Folsom, 2018 (Deep Dive)
​​Amos N. Guiora and Louisa M.A. Heiny , 2018 (Deep Dive)
​Jane Bloom Grise and Michelle C. Grise, 2018 (Deep Dive)

The Scopes Trial (The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes)

The Chevron Case (Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.)

The Steel Seizure Case (Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer)

​​William T. Mayton, 2018 (Lawyering Series)
​​Kristin Hickman and Samuel Estreicher, 2018
​​Samuel Estreicher and  Steven Menashi, 2018

Written in Water, Biography of Frederick Bernays Wiener

Securities Exchange Commission v. Mark Cuban

​Women's Lives in Men's Courts: Briefs for Change​

Catharine MacKinnon, 2019 (Briefs for Change)
​​Marc I. Steinberg, 2019 (Deep Dive)
​​Paul R. Baier, 2019

Pioneers in Environmental Law

Evidence: Crawford v. Washington

The Chief Justices

​​Jan G. Laitos and John C. Nagle, 2019 (Pioneers & Leaders in Law)n 
​Daniel A. Cotter, 2019
Jay Tidmarsh, 2018(Deep Dive)

Immigration: Jean v. Nelson

​Irwin Stotzky, 2018 (Deep Dive)
New Lines in Development
General Trade​​
Lawyering Series: Compelling biographies of leading individuals in law, covering the life, work, writing and cases of attorneys, judges, champions of the rule of law.
  • Judge Thelton Henderson: Breaking New Ground, by Richard B. Kuhns
  • Earl Warren, Ernesto Miranda and Terrorism, by Amos N. Guiora 
  • Abridged Beveridge's Life of John Marshall, by Ronald Rotunda
  • A Jack Greenberg Lexicon, by William Cole
  • Written in Water, A Biography of Frederick Bernays Wiener, by Paul R. Baier
  • Fighting the Fight, A Lawyer's Life, by Michael Meltsner
  • Squeezing Silver, The Trial of Nelson Bunker Hunt, by Mark A. Cymrot

Pioneers & Leaders in Law: General Editor and contributors offer a survey of the 10 to15 most influential attorneys in the field, their background, historical and lasting impact in law, and influence today. 
  • Pioneers in Environmental Law, by Jan Laitos, John C. Nagle

Briefs for Change: The story behind the brief, case, trial, offering a glimpse into the craft of litigation and the profound legal impact.
  • Women's Lives in Men's Courts: Briefs for Change, by Catharine MacKinnon

Legal History: Compelling, accessible publications capturing the legal history that shaped our nation.
  • Sustainers, The Citizens of the United States, by William T. Mayton
  • The Scopes Trial (The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, by William T. Mayton

Legal Education

Deep Dives (into Practice):  As a primary teaching tool or companion to the traditional casebook, these 125 to 300 page documentary and case studies tell the story and teach the life cycle of a teaching case, patent or transaction using a narrative of the case along with the actual edited transactional documents, patents or briefs, pleadings, motions, providing students a "learn by viewing" context, its procedural and strategic components within a pedagogy that extends to the  practice of law, the first step into experiential learning. 
  • Evidence: Crawford v. Washington, by Jay Tidmarsh
  • First Amendment: New York Times Company v. Sullivan,by Eric Easton
  • Immigration: Jean v. Nelson , by Irwin P. Stotzky
  • Patents: J.M. Smucker v. Albie’s, by Thomas C. Folsom
  • Federal Courts/Civil Rights: Juidice v. Vail, by Jane Bloom Grise and Michelle C. Grise
  • Constitutional Law: Steel Seizure Case (Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer), by Samuel Estreicher and Steven Menashi
  • Administrative Law: Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., by Kristin Hickman and Samuel Estreicher
  • Criminal Procedure: Miranda v. United States, by Amos N. Guiroa and Louisa M.A. Heiny
  • Securties: Securities Exchange Commission v. Mark Cuban, by Marc I. Steinberg

Law School To Practice: Affordable texts enabling professors to integrate bridge into practice sources preparing students as they transition from students to lawyers.  
  • Litigation in Practice, by Curtis  E. A. Karnow
  • Prosecution Stories, by Bennett Gershman
  • Defense Lawyer Confidential, by Alexander Y. Benikov