Twelve Tables Press is an independent legal trade and education press located in historic Northport, New York. The press was founded with a unique intent -- to champion the individuals in law who have made a mark on our society, as scholars, eyewitnesses, or pioneers in shaping the United States legal system. The press publishes original works by and about America's leaders in law that inform the general public, students, attorneys, and other professionals of the historical events, people, opinions, and writings that have changed and defined American law, jurisprudence, and society. Twelve Tables Press showcases the individual author with a story to tell, rich, personal texts that offer a glimpse into the art of lawyering.
  1. Publications
    Each book celebrates the uncommon vision, strength and conviction of great legal scholars, trial lawyers, politicians, and the common men and women who have shaped modern American legal thought and history.
  2. Mission
    We hope these publications will provoke thought, passion, and reading pleasure. They were designed to be read by students, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, for the student, scholar and historian in all of us. Enjoy!
  3. Law of Twelve Tables
    Engraved on Twelve Tablets of Bronze, known as the earliest codification of ancient Roman law, traditionally dated to 451-450 BCE. They were purportedly written as the demand of the plebians , who felt that their legal rights were hampered by the fact that court judgements were rendered according to unwritten custom preserved only within a small group of learned patricians. Venerated by the Romans as a prime legal source, the Twelve Tables were superseded by later changes in Roman law but were never formally abolished. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. 2003. Encyclopedia Britannica.
Meet The Team
Steve Errick
Publisher, Co-Founder
Steve comes from a publishing family, the son of a typesetter, printer. Steve attended Albany Law School, and headed into legal publishing starting at Clark Boardman to programs including Warren, Gorham & Lamont in practice publishing, and Foundation Press as part of the academic publishing division of West publishing. Upon building leading publishing programs at Wolters Kluwer and LexisNexis, Steve now embarks on his own press, Twelve Tables Press with the mission to capture and preserve the great "individuals in law" through print and multi-media.
Laurence Selby
Chief Operating & Sales Officer, Co-Founder
Larry is a graduate of the University of British Columbia School of Law. Larry has overseen a variety of publishing programs, starting with Clark Boardman and Warren, Gorham & Lamont as part of West Publishing, to developing the Oxford University Press North American Legal publishing program. Most recently,  Larry was the VP Research Solutions, American Lawyer Media (ALM).  Larry's expertise in print and digital migration helps position Twelve Tables Press as an author driven book and modern multi-media publishing house.
Jay Tidmarsh
Editor in Chief
Jay is a Professor of Law at University of Notre Dame School of Law. He is an expert in complex civil litigation and civil procedure, an undergraduate of Notre Dame and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He is the author or co-author of ten books, including casebooks in the fields of civil procedure and complex litigation, as well as numerous law-review articles in the fields of civil procedure, complex litigation, federal courts, and torts. He has served as Chair of the AALS Section on Civil Procedure, and as a member of the AALS Committee on Professional Development. He serves as the lead editor and publishing conscience of Twelve Tables Press.